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    Fillo Air Purifier Wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2019
    11.10.2020 | Afloia | Fillo Air Purifier Wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2019

    After 3 days of nail biting panel juding in Hamburg, Germany, the winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 have been selected. Fillo Filter Air Purifier is honored to have been announced as one of the winners.

    The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. For 65 years, designers and manufacturers compete tirelessly for the distinction.

    Winning an iF DESIGN AWARD is a seal of quality for exceptional design and outstanding services. For consumers, it is a symbol that a brand can be trusted. Versatile features, stylish appearance and excellent quality allowed Fillo to stand out from similar products.

    3 + 1 Filter Technology:
    Fillo uses FOUR of purification filters, which means deeper filtering for air pollutants like PM 2.5, allergens, CH2O, etc.

    High Quality:
    Fillo has been certified by an array of international quality assurance agencies and possesses 7 product quality certifications.

    Multiple Functions:
    Filio has highly efficient air filtration and is equipped with a night light, a filter replacement indicator, 3 working modes and a cyclical timer.

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