🍃 Green Living By Afloia🍃

Our products are designed with sustainability in mind. Each and every component in Afloia products is made from eco-friendly materials. Fine-tuned to leave a nearly imperceptible carbon footprint, Afloia is energy smart from the point of production. Our products also use recycled packaging and are shipped responsibly to work in perfect harmony with our planet to provide your family with the best quality of life.

The brainchild of an engineer and industrial design duo, Afloia’s foray into the home appliance market originated from the simple desire for an ideal home environment for the couple’s children. Having previously secured distribution deals with major brands, Afloia’s green living ecosystem is now directly available to consumers with zero compromises.

We have working on designing and manufacturingAir Purifier,Dehumidifier and Humidifierfor such a long years.As such,we have gained lots of experience from the feedbacks of our customers.In order to give a better experience to our customers,we are continuously improving our products and develop more high-tech new products.