Zoro Air Purifier


  • Cute and unique product design
  • Real-time air quality detection
  • Smart Upgrade App Controllable
  • Adjustable air speed and timing function
  • Efficient 3-stage filtration system
  • Sincere service with a smile

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Afloia Smart Air Purifier—Zoro

Afloia new air purifier Zoro is made with advanced technology, unique design, smart control system and high-efficiency filtration system.When you turn on this air purifier, you will find it is so cute and amazing, just like a smart robot.Its smart control system allows you to control its work anytime and anywhere.Its high-efficient filtration system will significantly improve the air quality around you,perfect for families with air quality problems.

Smart control system

1.Download "Afloia Home" App via Google Play, open the app and link to the intelligent control system of the air purifier.
2.Press the power button for 7 seconds, When a curved line appears above the eye of the air purifier, it means the connection is successful and enter remote control mode.
After that, you just need to open the app can control the air purifier anytime and anywhere.This smart control system will bringing more convenience to your life.

Air detection system

3 kinds of expressions represent different air quality conditions,can know the air quality condition by expression at any time.

Smile Emoji: When the eyes are smiling like the left picture, it means that the air quality is good and the air purifier can be work in low mode.
Dull Emoji: When the eyes are dull like the middle picture,it means that there are some pollutants in the air and you need to switch to medium mode to clean the air.
Sad Emoji: When the eyes are sad like the right picture,it means that there are a lot of pollutants in the air,causes very poor air quality.Remind you to turn on the high mode as soon as possible to purify the air.

Wind speed system

3-Wind speeds can be adjusted by changing the angle of the eye,the unique air duct design brings you a different experience.High speed suitable for poor air quality,Medium speed suitable for air quality with less pollution,Low speed suitable for sleep.

3-stage filtration system

True HEPA filter,Using 3 layers of filtration, each layer of filtration can effectively purifies the air of pollutants,give you and your family a high quality air environment and enjoy fresh air at home freely.(Please remove the plastic packaging from the new filter before use.)


Size 8.86*8.86*18 inchs
Weight 2.5 kgs (5.5 lbs)
CADR 150m³/h
Coverage Area ≤ 25㎡ / 270ft²
Package 1×air purifier,1×filter,1×manual


Just open the bottom cover to replace the filter, and then remember to press the on/off button for 7 seconds to reset the filter.

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