Max Air Purifier


  • Large-scale high-efficiency air purifier
  • Real-time air quality monitoring
  • Automatic operation based on air quality
  • Silent and timer function(2h/4h/8h)
  • safe child clock to prevent misuse
  • Smart filter replacement reminder
  • Portable handheld ring

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Air Quality Display

The color displayed reflects air quality according to the built-in sensor (blue - excellent air quality, yellow - average air quality, red - poor air quality).

Child Friendly and Pet Proof

Large air purifier with 360° purification of air pollutants to quickly improve air quality. Provide a good living environment for your children and pet.

Energy Efficient

In automatic mode, the air speed is freely adjusted according to the environment. Reduce power consumption, more efficient and energy-saving. 35 watts is consumed for a 24-hour period.

Auto Deactivation

When the gear is adjusted to Auto, the machine will automatically adjust the wind speed gear according to the value detected by the air quality sensor. When poor air quality is detected, the machine automatically adjusts to High and the ambient light turns red.

Child Lock

Push down on the Child Lock Button for 3s to activate. Hold to unlock the unit. Protect your unit and children from each other!

Sleep Mode

Rest easy with the noise level of 28 decibels - a quiet rural area. You can also turn off all displays to sleep undisturbed.

Smart Replacement Filter Indicator

Filter replacement indicator flashes red after roughly 2200 hours of use. We recommend replacing the filter every 3-6 months based on the air quality.


Size 7.67*7.67*21.77 inches
Weight 6 kgs (10.15 lbs)
CADR 400m³/h
Coverage Area ≤ 50㎡ / 550ft²
Package 1×air purifier,1×filter,1×manual


This is programmed by the electronic control of the machine, when the air PM2.5 value is below 5 it will display 000.

The machine is still working normally when it shows 000.

If you're worried, could you please test with smoke around machine to see if the display will change?

The air quality detector is on the back of the machine, so please keep it a certain distance away from the wal2.We recently changed the filter and flashing red light will not turn off
After replacing the filter with a new one, press and hold the filter light until the red light disappears.

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