Q10 Air purifier & Dehumidifier


  • Air purifier and dehumidifier 2 in 1 design
  • 3-stage timer (2h/4h/8h), auto shut-off
  • 3 wind speeds (low / medium / high)
  • Can be connected to the conduit
  • True HEPA imported filter
  • Large capacity water tank


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Air Purifier & Dehumidifier In One

Afloia Q10 home dehumidifier combines both dehumidification and purification functions - for separate or simultaneous use.Moisture absorption and air purification more efficient and convenient.Tank capacity 1000ml/34oz, absorbs up to 750ml water per day (86°F, 80%RH). Dehumidificaton coverage: 270 sq.ft.Great for homes with serious humidity problems or air problems.

Ture HEPA Filtration

Q10 2-in-1 Dehumidifier & Air purifier with ture HEPA filtration system.Let you feel the air and humidity improve quickly.

Ultra Quiet

Our portable dehumidifier uses thermoelectric technology for whisper-quiet operation. Perfect for use during sleep or rest.

Auto Deactivation

Q10 tabletop air purifier with a one-button operation panel, auto deactivation, 3-stage timer (2h-4h-8h), and 3 fan speeds(Low/Middle/High)

Filter Replacement Reminder

Built-in filter replacement indicator, we recommend replacing the filter every 3-6 months depending on air quality and actual use time for best results.

Energy Smart

45W low-wattage dehumidifier, chemical-free. Eco-friendly & energy responsible.Having such a multifunctional machine,will bringing you a different life experience.


Size 7.6*7.6*13.1 inches
Weight 2.7 kgs (6 lbs)
Tank capacity 1 L
CARD 60m³/h
Working Capacity 750ml/D (30℃ / RH 80%)
Coverage Area ≤ 25㎡ / 270ft²


Could you please refer to the following steps to check the machine:

1. When the machine is turned on, please take out the water tank first.
2. Press the pulley switch inside the machine. Then the machine will automatically stop working, and the indicator light of the dehumidification button will light up in red.

3. If the machine can shut off, please make sure the silicone rubber drain stopper of the tank is plugged into the drain hole.
4. Please open the water tank cover and press the back of the float ball so that the float ball goes up and down easily.